At Body Well Therapeutic Massage we offer a wide array of services to ensure that we meet the different needs of our clients.

Swedish Massage
The goal of a Swedish massage is to promote relaxation and is generally a 'full body' massage. The pressure is customized to you, meaning that it does not have to be light pressure. This is a good massage for someone who doesn't have a particular complaint that needs to be resolved, or if the pain is everywhere, but specific pressure would be too much.

Deep Tissue
The goal of a deep tissue massage is to address one or two issues or complaints. This massage is typically on part of the body, ie. 'upper body' or 'lower body' massage. Deeper pressure is used to get into the muscle and break up "knots" or painful adhesions. Again, pressure will be customized --- a deep tissue massage does NOT have to be painful!

Therapeutic Massage
The goal of a therapeutic massage is somewhere in between a Swedish and deep tissue massage. This massage can be focused on part or all of the body. Attention is given to the areas that are in pain or have limited range-of-motion as well as promoting relaxation.

Massage and Reflexology Services for the Raleigh Wake Forest Area

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone is a relaxing massage. Warm stones are placed on the body to rest while the therapist holds warm stones while giving the massage. This is a very unique technique of massage and adds a special element to help melt stress and tension away.

Prenatal Massage
For women of all trimesters! This massage is catered to mommy's needs. Massage through pregnancy can help to reduce fatigue, headaches, constipation, leg pain and cramps, lower back pain and swelling.

Reflexology originated from China and ancient Egypt. It works on the principle that there are areas and reflex points in the hands and feet that correspond with each part of your body. The use of fingertip pressure to manipulate these reflex points leads to improved circulation. This helps the body to relax, find balance and heal naturally. Reflexology treats an individual through the feet.

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